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A pixel image is made up of tiny squares that create one larger image. On pixel images, if you zoom in far enough, you can begin to see the square forms within the image.

Vector file graphics are more mathematical. As you zoom in or make it bigger, the lines and shapes will always readjust to keep their original shape and quality.

A raster image is created by a series of pixels or dots. Each pixel is assigned a color value and packing many dots into a small area creates the illusion of a crisp image.

Because raster images are created by a series of dots, they do not scale up or down well. Raster graphics are ideal for web design or photo manipulation for example social media graphics.

When you are designing something for large scale digital printing like banners, signage, vehicle wraps and other large format items vector graphics are the best choice.

Vector graphic file sizes are usually much smaller than raster files making them easier to store and share. It is easy to convert a vector graphic to raster if needed. Vector Graphics are resolution independent.

A logos purpose is to create a visual symbol that represents your business/brand vision. It’s a big part of your identity. As the visual representation has the potential to communicate and reinforce a business/brandโ€™s core values and principles. Logos thus play a critical role in serving as a point of connection between a company and its customers.